Fascination Research, Challenge Implementation. Something for you?

Etwas für Sie?

Working at SENDSOR means having a special task: Accompanying a solution from the idea through the development phase to production. With your help, a good piece of the future can be created here. Through innovative sensor solutions for medical technology, which give both treating and treated people a better quality of life. We at SENDSOR consider this to be a fascinating task. Do you want to contribute to this? Then please draw our attention to yourself - with pleasure with an application!


Unsere Projekte werden in enger Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden durchgeführt. Hierfür suchen wir eine/n Projektmanager/in die/der mit Freude an Innovation komplexe Projekte steuern kann.



Wir suchen kreativen Elektroniker/in die gerne Schaltungen für Testaufbauten implementieren, Produktionsanlagen umbauen und neue Prozesse entwickeln.