Measure and analyze - more accurately, more easily, more efficiently

SENDSOR stands for a new measuring quality in medical technology. With sophisticated flow and composition sensors, we offer the right hardware for innovative solutions in the field of gaseous and liquid media.

We are the specialist both for the development and manufacture as well as for the integration of high-tech sensors into medical applications. Our aim is to provide customers with the best measurement technology to make daily work in numerous application environments easier.

Sensors from SENDSOR GmbH are extremely robust, easy to sterilize and reusable. Above all, they measure flow, velocity and gas composition with unsurpassed precision.

Thanks to our extensive patent portfolio in gas sensor technology and analysis as well as our experience in sensor technologies and plant engineering, we can offer customers every stage in the value chain of sensor production for medical technology solutions.

Our sensors are used in a wide range of applications:
  • Ventilators for home care
  • Ventilators for intensive care
  • Ventilators for emergency care
  • Drug delivery/infusion
  • E-Health / M-Health
  • Sportmedicine
  • Lifelogging / Activity Tracking
  • Liquid Handling
  • Special applications