High-Tech for medical technology

All our sensors are distinguished by their special design advantages: high measurement accuracy, high dynamic response and high resolution with low power consumption; recyclable, compatible, chemical resistive with lowest possible dead space. They also allow direct bidirectional measurement with no danger from particles or splinters.

Thanks to their robustness and flexibility, SENDSOR high-tech sensors can be adapted quickly and specifically to individual customer requirements to fully exploit their advantages.

Sensor element F30

Developed for bypass and main flow applications, the autoclavable sensor element is characterized by its reusability and is therefore a suitable sensor for use in medical technology. The F30 measures accurately and quickly and is mechanically and chemically very robust.


The CO2 sensor has been developed for medical technology including sports medicine (spiroergometry) and anaesthesia (capnometry, capnography). This sensor is a fast and cost-effective CO2 sensor for physiological applications.


For use in sports medicine, anaesthesia and laser surgery as well as with oxygen concentrators, spiroergometry, capnometry and oxygen therapy. The O2 sensor measures oxygen concentrations in the gas using an indirect measuring method. Information available on request.


Developed for hydrogen detection in chemical processes. For the fields of hydrogen therapy, hydrogen breath testing, bad breath measurement and safety engineering.

Microflow Sensor

For special tasks of flow measurement of gaseous or liquid media. Wherever it has to be very small, integration in microfluidics, catheters and foils.

HOMicroflow Sensor

For use with infusion pumps, biomedical applications and to control drug dosing