Without silicon, with unique practical advantages

High-tech sensors from SENDSOR rely on precise hot-wire anemometry. What distinguishes them from all other sensors with this measurement technology is the complete absence of silicon. This makes them lighter, more compact and more versatile than previous hot-wire anemometers. Their superior mechanical robustness also makes them largely insensitive to mechanical stress or chemical substances. Therefore they are very suitable for reprocessing using thermal or chemical sterilization processes and makes them more economical while protecting the environment at the same time.

In practice, the high-tech sensors from SENDSOR impress with a fast response and decay time, high resolution signal and measuring accuracy. A low heat capacity and low temperature coupling of the sensor structures make this possible. Simultaneously both the flow and the CO2 content of gases can be measured. The sensors from SENDSOR are also the only ones that can be easily connected to the electronics using conventional soldering processes

High-tech from Munich for the high demands of medical technology

To manufacture the robust and precise SENDSOR high-tech sensors, highly developed and complex machines are required. These include plasma systems, spin coaters, plasma etchers, etching systems and thermal processing systems. Production takes place completely under clean room conditions in our newly equipped production facility near Munich. Planning, execution and control of all production processes are in the hands of highly qualified employees and naturally meet the quality requirements of ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturers.